Philanthropy 101 Archive

7 Oct 2015

Don’t Wait for the Fed – Raise Your Own Rates with a Gift Annuity

The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates near zero since December 2008, hurting savers who have become accustomed to savings accounts paying next to nothing.  Speculation is rampant over when the Federal Reserve might raise rates again:
23 Apr 2015

Planned Giving 101: The Retirement Plan Beneficiary Gift

I love the retirement plan beneficiary gift.
27 Jan 2015

Planned Giving 101: The Bequest

In this first article in a series, we look at that popular technique for giving to charity at death: the bequest.
24 Dec 2014

The Procrastinator’s Guide To Year-End Charitable Planning

If you are like many donors, you wait until the last minute to make your year-end charitable gifts.
10 Sep 2014

Year-End Planning: Consider the Donor-Advised Fund

You want to make charitable gifts before the end of the year.  You can use the tax deduction.  But you can’t decide on which organizations to support.
17 Jun 2014

The Easiest, Do-It-Yourself Way to Create a Legacy Gift to Charity

Bequests through a will or living trust are among the most common kind of legacy gift made to charity. But in terms of ease for a donor, bequests are not the simplest.