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6 Feb 2017

Why You Need to Check Your Beneficiaries Today

The recent near-simultaneous deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds shocked followers of film and pop culture.  Their deaths should also raise awareness about the importance of beneficiary planning.
24 Mar 2015

Three Lessons from the Estate of Ronald Read

What happens when a man who looked like he couldn’t rub two nickels together turns out to have amassed $8 million?  He gets a lot of attention.
27 Jan 2015

Planned Giving 101: The Bequest

In this first article in a series, we look at that popular technique for giving to charity at death: the bequest.
19 May 2014

This is What Can Happen When Charities Join Forces to Promote Legacy Giving

This is a great example of promoting legacy giving, courtesy of Include A Charity, an Australian consortium of non-profits who banded together specifically for the purpose of promoting bequests to charity in a will.  Fantastic.
12 May 2014

Avoiding the Fate of Marian the Librarian: Three Key Estate Planning Tips

When it comes to your estate plan, have you planned your bequests in such a way as to avoid confusion, suspicion, or hurt feelings on the part of your heirs?