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8 Jun 2017

Shh! Don’t Call it a “Charitable” Strategy

Advanced charitable strategies like charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) are one of the few remaining ways that individuals can lower their taxes significantly if the circumstances fit.  So why aren’t CRTs and other similar strategies more widely used?
9 Jun 2015

Selling Your Business Using a CRT? Beware the Pre-Arranged Sale

When you’re a charitably-inclined business owner on the verge of selling your business, adding a philanthropic component to the transaction can be a powerful strategy to reduce taxes due on the sale — unless you and your
19 Sep 2014

Are Donor-Advised Funds a “Misuse” of Philanthropy?

Not everyone is happy about donor-advised funds.
7 Jul 2014

Losing Your Concentration: Using Philanthropy to Diversify and Generate Income – Part 2

While there may be some debate on the origin of the phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” the reality is that when it comes to investing, having too much of one stock can be
10 Jun 2014

Philanthropic Planning Conference: Three Take-Aways for Donors

The Western Regional Planned Giving Conference, now in its 23rd year, took place May 28-30 in Costa Mesa, California.
5 May 2014

How to Save More for Retirement Than You Think the IRS Allows: Meet the Retirement Charitable Trust

  One of the guidelines of good retirement planning is to take advantage of tax-favored retirement plans and save as much as possible so that the power of tax-deferred compounding can help those plans grow significantly over