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18 Apr 2017

Dear Charities: Don’t Overdo the Thanks

Charities love their donors.  Sometimes charities love their donors a little too much.
19 Jan 2017

Why Charities Should Sue Donors’ Estates (Or At Least Consider It) To Collect on a Gift

When a significant donor passes away, the organizations that donor supported mourn the loss, express gratitude for the donor’s generosity, and move on.  Except when they don’t.
16 Jul 2015

Should You Sign an Enforceable Gift Pledge?

Charities love them.  Donors, not so much.  The enforceable pledge is a double-edged sword, with advantages and disadvantages to charity and donor alike. As a generous donor who is bound to be solicited for a major gift
18 Feb 2015

Three Reasons Why a Private Foundation May Not Be Right For You

For donors who wish to control their philanthropic giving, forming a private foundation can be alluring. 
30 Dec 2014

Top Top Three Philanthropy Stories of 2014

With 2014 at an end, it’s time to look back at the top stories in philanthropy for the year.
10 Nov 2014

The Donor-Advised Fund Debate Continues

For whatever reason, donor-advised funds (DAFs) continue to stir up debate.
19 Sep 2014

Are Donor-Advised Funds a “Misuse” of Philanthropy?

Not everyone is happy about donor-advised funds.
10 Sep 2014

Year-End Planning: Consider the Donor-Advised Fund

You want to make charitable gifts before the end of the year.  You can use the tax deduction.  But you can’t decide on which organizations to support.