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6 Feb 2017

Why You Need to Check Your Beneficiaries Today

The recent near-simultaneous deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds shocked followers of film and pop culture.  Their deaths should also raise awareness about the importance of beneficiary planning.
3 May 2016

Prince’s Other Legacy (Hint: It’s Not His Music)

The recent death of music superstar Prince has generated considerable amounts of press, as often happens when celebrities pass away prematurely and under mysterious circumstances.
16 Feb 2016

What’s In a Name? Three Tips for Your Next Naming Opportunity Gift

In the second episode of the new Showtime series Billions, lead character / billionaire hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod (played by Damian Lewis) visits with the head of a prestigious venue named Ellis Eads Hall
18 Feb 2015

Three Reasons Why a Private Foundation May Not Be Right For You

For donors who wish to control their philanthropic giving, forming a private foundation can be alluring. 
11 Aug 2014

A Key Estate Planning Lesson from Guardians of the Galaxy

Estate planning pops up in unexpected places – even in an intergalactic action-fantasy-comedy film based on a comic book.
29 May 2014

My Child Just Graduated College – Now What Do I Do With This 529 Plan?

College graduation season is just about over, and graduates now face a host of decisions: do I get a job?  Do I go for a graduate degree?  Can I move back home with mom and dad?
12 May 2014

Avoiding the Fate of Marian the Librarian: Three Key Estate Planning Tips

When it comes to your estate plan, have you planned your bequests in such a way as to avoid confusion, suspicion, or hurt feelings on the part of your heirs?
29 Apr 2014

The Benefits of Beneficiary Planning

If you haven’t checked your designated beneficiaries lately on your life insurance or retirement plans in a while, you will want to do so.