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15 Mar 2017

Four Tax-Saving Moves You Can Still Make For 2016

We are about a month away from the tax-filing deadline – usually April 15, but this year extended to April 18 – and hopefully you have gotten a start on your 2016 taxes.  Whether you have or
23 Apr 2015

Planned Giving 101: The Retirement Plan Beneficiary Gift

I love the retirement plan beneficiary gift.
18 Dec 2014

The Charitable IRA Rollover Is Back, Briefly – What Should You Do?

Good news: the “Charitable IRA Rollover” is law once again.  Bad news: the law expires in less than two weeks.
17 Jun 2014

The Easiest, Do-It-Yourself Way to Create a Legacy Gift to Charity

Bequests through a will or living trust are among the most common kind of legacy gift made to charity. But in terms of ease for a donor, bequests are not the simplest.