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9 Jun 2015

Selling Your Business Using a CRT? Beware the Pre-Arranged Sale

When you’re a charitably-inclined business owner on the verge of selling your business, adding a philanthropic component to the transaction can be a powerful strategy to reduce taxes due on the sale — unless you and your
18 Feb 2015

Three Reasons Why a Private Foundation May Not Be Right For You

For donors who wish to control their philanthropic giving, forming a private foundation can be alluring. 
30 Dec 2014

Top Top Three Philanthropy Stories of 2014

With 2014 at an end, it’s time to look back at the top stories in philanthropy for the year.
5 Jun 2014

How to Turn a Windfall Into a Win-Win-Win: The “Give It and Get It Back” Trust

For those fortunate enough to experience a one-time windfall – a large bonus, a liquidation event, a “golden parachute,” even the lottery – there’s one thing you can’t avoid: paying taxes on that income.