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16 Jul 2015

Should You Sign an Enforceable Gift Pledge?

Charities love them.  Donors, not so much.  The enforceable pledge is a double-edged sword, with advantages and disadvantages to charity and donor alike. As a generous donor who is bound to be solicited for a major gift
18 Feb 2015

Three Reasons Why a Private Foundation May Not Be Right For You

For donors who wish to control their philanthropic giving, forming a private foundation can be alluring. 
19 Sep 2014

Are Donor-Advised Funds a “Misuse” of Philanthropy?

Not everyone is happy about donor-advised funds.
11 Jul 2014

Now THIS is How You Win the Lottery: By Giving Most of It Away

If you won $115 million in the lottery, would charity be the first thing that comes to mind?
24 Jun 2014

How the L.A. Clippers Deal Can Have a Lasting Positive Impact, Thanks to Philanthropy

Out of the brouhaha over Donald Sterling’s remarks and the pending sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer comes a happy ending: the possible creation of a $200 million charitable foundation.