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8 Jun 2017

Shh! Don’t Call it a “Charitable” Strategy

Advanced charitable strategies like charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) are one of the few remaining ways that individuals can lower their taxes significantly if the circumstances fit.  So why aren’t CRTs and other similar strategies more widely used?
15 Mar 2017

Four Tax-Saving Moves You Can Still Make For 2016

We are about a month away from the tax-filing deadline – usually April 15, but this year extended to April 18 – and hopefully you have gotten a start on your 2016 taxes.  Whether you have or
6 Jan 2017

6 Ways to Start the Year Off Right, Financially

Now that the partying is over, and reality has set in, it’s time to get down to business.
1 Mar 2016

Why We Must Stand Up Against Philanthropy-Bashing

Another mega-gift announced.  Another article disparaging the gift and criticizing the donor and the recipient organization.  We’ve seen this movie before.  
9 Jun 2015

Selling Your Business Using a CRT? Beware the Pre-Arranged Sale

When you’re a charitably-inclined business owner on the verge of selling your business, adding a philanthropic component to the transaction can be a powerful strategy to reduce taxes due on the sale — unless you and your
23 Apr 2015

Planned Giving 101: The Retirement Plan Beneficiary Gift

I love the retirement plan beneficiary gift.
24 Dec 2014

The Procrastinator’s Guide To Year-End Charitable Planning

If you are like many donors, you wait until the last minute to make your year-end charitable gifts.
18 Dec 2014

The Charitable IRA Rollover Is Back, Briefly – What Should You Do?

Good news: the “Charitable IRA Rollover” is law once again.  Bad news: the law expires in less than two weeks.
26 Sep 2014

The Ins and Outs of Donating Bitcoin

If you give regularly to charity, you probably use cash, checks, credit cards, or perhaps even appreciated stock to make your donation.  But if you own bitcoins, have you considered donating them?
10 Sep 2014

Year-End Planning: Consider the Donor-Advised Fund

You want to make charitable gifts before the end of the year.  You can use the tax deduction.  But you can’t decide on which organizations to support.