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3 May 2016

Prince’s Other Legacy (Hint: It’s Not His Music)

The recent death of music superstar Prince has generated considerable amounts of press, as often happens when celebrities pass away prematurely and under mysterious circumstances.
27 Jan 2015

Planned Giving 101: The Bequest

In this first article in a series, we look at that popular technique for giving to charity at death: the bequest.
11 Aug 2014

A Key Estate Planning Lesson from Guardians of the Galaxy

Estate planning pops up in unexpected places – even in an intergalactic action-fantasy-comedy film based on a comic book.
5 Jun 2014

How to Turn a Windfall Into a Win-Win-Win: The “Give It and Get It Back” Trust

For those fortunate enough to experience a one-time windfall – a large bonus, a liquidation event, a “golden parachute,” even the lottery – there’s one thing you can’t avoid: paying taxes on that income. 
5 May 2014

How to Save More for Retirement Than You Think the IRS Allows: Meet the Retirement Charitable Trust

  One of the guidelines of good retirement planning is to take advantage of tax-favored retirement plans and save as much as possible so that the power of tax-deferred compounding can help those plans grow significantly over