The Donor-Advised Fund Debate Continues

For whatever reason, donor-advised funds (DAFs) continue to stir up debate.

On one hand are critics of DAFs who believe that the charitable community is negatively impacted by the tremendous growth in DAFs, particularly DAFs sponsored by financial services companies like Fidelity, Schwab, and Vanguard.

On the othshutterstock_207597004er side of the argument are those (like me) who believe DAFs provide another channel for giving and have boosted philanthropy.

Two opinion pieces published recently in the Chronicle of Philanthropy take up the debate.  Non-profit consultant Alan Cantor argues against the rise of DAFs sponsored by financial services firms.  Ken Nopar, who advises non-profits and advisors on how to collaborate more effectively with each other, takes up the mantle in favor of DAFs and their impact.

I recently posted my own position on this debate – which, as evidenced by these two latest articles, is far from over.

Where do you stand?  Tweet your comments to me @juanros.

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