Our Consultative Process

Lamia Financial Group, Inc. offers financial planning, investment management, as well as, strategies in tax mitigation, asset protection, and charitable giving. At Lamia Financial Group, we use a consultative process with you and our team of experts.  We keep our practice limited to serving a select number of clients so we can provide significant value to your situation.

Our investment advice is academically grounded and not based on our predictions of the future. We strongly believe in asset class investing, a methodical approach grounded in academic research, with an eye on tax efficiency and low investment expenses.

Our estate planning strategies are created in collaboration with your estate planning attorney or one of the attorneys on our panel of experts.

Our tax planning considers your long-term needs in conjunction with your accounting firm or a firm with which we have a close relationship.

We assess your risks that can be managed through insurance in conjunction with outside agents specializing in life and health, property and casualty, and other insurance avenues.

The clients with whom we work hold preservation of their assets as their first financial priority but also want to minimize taxes, plan for the transfer of their assets on their terms, and make an impact on others through charitable giving.

As a completely independent firm, all of our efforts are focused on your goals. As a fiduciary, we act on your behalf.

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